Important live training event at NATO DACCC

Lieutenant Colonel Luis Silva (right) briefs Brigadier General Huyck (left) on live operations in the DAOC Operations Room as Colonel Jay Reeves looks on. Photo by Jean-Francois Lacave, DACCC
Dec 18, 2015

Story by DACCC Poggio Renatico

On 16 December 2015, the AIRCOM Deputy Chief of Staff Operations, US Air Force Brigadier General Kevin A. Huyck, visited the NATO Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) at Poggio Renatico, Italy, to observe a live training event. This Composite Air Operation (COMAO) involved live training for Italian Air Force, Special Operations Forces and NATO air assets and capabilities, combined into a single mission controlled by the DACCC.

During the event on 16 December command and control of participating assets was provided by the DACCC’s two sub-units – the Deployable Air Operations Centre (DAOC) and the Deployable Air Control Centre, Recognised Air Picture Production Centre and Sensor Fusion Post (DARS) – as well as a NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control (NAEW&C) Force aircraft and the Italian Air Force Air Control Centre, Recognised Air Picture Production Centre and Sensor Fusion Post (ARS).

In the training scenario, the COMAO assets were tasked with maintaining a No-Fly Zone and conducting offensive missions to assist Italian Special Operations Forces in seizing a target airfield. A Surface-Based Air Defence system protecting the airfield and real-time introduction of dynamic targets added further training value for the aircrew, control staff and the DAOC Operations Team.

The participating flying assets included Italian Air Force Eurofighter, Tornado and AMX jets, a K-767 tanker aircraft and an MQ-9 Remotely Piloted Aerial System; additionally, a visiting French Air Force KC-135 tanker aircraft provided further support, highlighting the multi-national collaborative nature of the exercise. Support from the NATO Communications and Information Agency detachment, also based at Poggio Renatico, was integral ensuring Full Motion Video and a Link 16 Data Link into the operations room.

The DACCC staff plan and execute two such live COMAOs per year to further hone their capability to act as a forward deployed element of the NATO Joint Force Air Component (JFAC).

"This was an opportunity for the NATO DACCC to demonstrate the excellent working relationship of the DAOC and the DARS, Italian Air Force and NATO assets,” said Lieutenant Colonel Zanichelli, the NATO DACCC chief planner for the live training event. "Adding real weather, real aircraft and real people increases our training value in a way that cannot be simulated in a synthetic environment”

"In concert with the recent declaration of Full Operating Capability across AIRCOM, this live training event demonstrated the DACCC’s capability to plan, manage and tactically control complex live operational missions,” said Brigadier General Huyck. "The DACCC is a key asset supporting AIRCOM’s mission to deliver air and space power for the Alliance.”

Headquartered at Poggio Renatico in northern Italy, the DACCC is a hybrid entity comprising the DARS, the Deployable Sensor Section (DSS) and the DAOC. The DACCC mission is to prepare the DARS/DSS/DAOC for their operational roles, enable forward deployment of an air command and control capability and finally conduct initial functional training for assigned JFAC personnel within AIRCOM.


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